sábado, 14 de marzo de 2009

When the web was backed up on a floppy disk

On Friday afternoon, CERN celebrated the 20th anniversary of the moment were the web was born. The document "Information Management: a Proposal" that sir Tim Berners-Lee handed to his boss in March 1989, and his approval to go forward with his vague but exciting proposal, triggered the development of one of the most successful inventions of the human history.

The decision of making web technologies available free of charge as open standards through World Wide Consortium has probably been the most important factor impacting success and global adoption of the Web. I hope that all those, who are trying to lock nets, protocols and user's rights, or applying unfair taxes to its free use, take a comprehensive look back at history and ever understand the damage they are causing to all of us.

I'd like to post the video with the celebration that the CERN webcasted on Friday but I'm afraid it is not still available or at least I have not been able to find it, except as a pay service at euronews.net.

You can find there curiosities like the original computer used as the first web server, browser and editor (they even connected it to a projector!!!), their first thoughts on things like the first browser address bar, (which they did not thought it would be useful), or the opinions of the original team about the unfortunate name they gave to the WWW (they are still regretting it)

And my favorite one. They explained how Tim Berners-Lee usually stored the whole world wide web on a floppy disk because he was not confident of corporate back ups.

The video contains several funny pearls especially for all those, like myself that have been passionate about the Web this last 20 years; and perhaps tried to contribute a bit to the development of this extraordinary vehicle for innovation, communication and collaboration that is even changing some principles of world economy and business models ... bringing us the so-called open economy.

Happy 20th birthday World Wide Web!!!!! ...

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