jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

Presentando "Innovar en la era del conocimiento" en A Coruña

El martes 23 de febrero tuve el placer de presentar mi nuevo libro: “Innovar en la era del Conocimiento: Claves para construir una organización innovadora” (Netbiblo). El libro está prologado por D. Antonio Abril Abadín (Presidente del Consejo Social de la Universidad de la Coruña y Consejero Secretario General de Inditex) y abre la colección “Transfiere UDC” que esta institución lanza para promover la transferencia de conocimiento universidad – empresa.

La presentación se llevó a acabo dentro de las Jornadas “Transfiere Conocimiento en Red”, la cual fue abierta por el Rector de la Universidad de la Coruña y el Consejero de Economía e Industria de la Xunta de Galicia y contó con la presencia de los más destacados responsables de la innovación y el desarrollo en España:

Para quienes no pudísteis asistir aquí os dejo las transparencias que utilicé en la conferencia de presentación del libro:

Juan Vicente Garcia Innovar en La Era Del Conocimiento

Por cierto, los que tengáis interés en el libro, ya sabéis, preguntad en vuestra librería o acudid directamente a Netbiblo. Espero que os guste!!!

domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

In Dublin speaking about the web as a way to improve market intelligence in the Open Economy

Tomorrow I will be flying to Dublin, where I will be speaking at the "SMART CONSTRUCTION - DOING BUSINESS IN THE NETHERLANDS" seminar, organized by Enterprise Ireland, the Government's agency for the development and promotion of Irish business sector.

The seminar will take place at Enterprise Ireland HQ in Dublin, next Tuesday February 23rd 2010, from 08.45, where the registration starts, to 15:30, where the pre-booked one-to-one meetings are expected to end. This event is one of the activities organized for the Ireland Construct community, created with the objective to help Irish construction companies achieve strong positions in global market, and in this case will focus on the Dutch Construction industry.

I have been kindly invited by EI in my position of CEO at Gateway SCS which as you know owns the internet property Euroalert.net, a well know brand in Europe in the public procurement information services field.

I will be speaking around noon and I will share the morning panel with several experts in the Netherlands building environment sector:

I will try to contribute with Euroalert.net expertise in helping individual SMEs across the European Union, to compete with biggest companies, by providing more accurate, and fastest information on tenders in Europe or with market intelligence tools on public procurement opportunities like 10ders Observatory

In my presentation "Digging business leads out of the internet", I will mix the concepts of public procurement as an affordable way to export for SMEs, and the levelling factor of the web that brings more cost-effective tools to market intelligence on public procurement. The web is reshaping every aspect of our life and businesses have the opportunity to perform better in this Open Economy, by using improved tools to do old tasks. I hope Euroalert's modest contribution will help with useful tips in this at-the-gate-of-recovery scenery. Please, feel free to review and comment on the full presentation:
Digging business leads out of the internet

If you are in Dublin these days, please contact me, so perhaps we can share a pint of Guinness in the evening ;-)