lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

Google to fix our mobile experience?

First they fixed search. (Don't you remember searching for document in the late 90s as a painful experience?) And as soon as they started to make good money out of selling ads they went public.

Then they put a lot of that money on developing (or buying) astonishing tools that improved our global internet experience (Gmail, Google Maps, Google News or Google Books) (Don't you remember managing your email with Hotmail as a nightmare?). And they are making every year huge money with and incredible financial perfomance.

They are still investing on building more of that tools. Some of them will be great and perhaps any of them will change our way of interacting with [... whatever...]. Surely they will go on making good money for a while.

All of that has been happening in the PC because, to be honest, we have been using our expensive smartphones (which many of us renew every year) to make phone calls (and lately photos). We have been spending 400€ on mobile devices to make [very expensive] phone calls. The ever connected Apple iPhone started to change the landscape and this week they are starting to sell their own device, the Nexus One, which uses their Android open source mobile operating system and is manufactured by HTC Corporation

As they have successfully done many times, they aim to boost a new era in user's experience while interacting with the internet, now through mobile devices. The simple three-word-motto is quite clear "web meets phone"

But this time there is remarkable difference: it is so weird to see Google selling hardware to consumers, and they are not used to this not-so-digital-business in which they have to deal with customers (real people). So I think there is a chance Google can fail, and that is news, isn't it? At least, sales started weak...

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Jose L. Marin dijo...

Thanks for your comment Valentin. I totally with your view of lowering prices. It is said that the reason Google did not do that was not to bother their Android partners like Motorola.

In any case, a real Apple-fan-boy does not worry about the iPhone price :)