viernes, 19 de marzo de 2010

Let´s dance innovation, Oslo Manual new vision on innovation

One of the novelties from the 3rd Edition of the Oslo Manual is focused on the consideration of non technological innovations. Thus, marketing and organizational innovations are considered to be one of the ways in which the business can innovate, besides the classical product and process innovations.

More specifically, marketing innovations are defined as the implementation of a new marketing method involving significant changes in product design or packaging, product placement, product promotion or pricing.

The innovation focused on design and packaging has manifold examples, but the other three kinds of marketing innovations seem to be difficult to identify and to distinguish from other innovation activities.

Just take a look at one of those three, and let’s see what we understand by marketing innovations focusing on new ways of product promotion. The Oslo Manual set that this kind of innovations (product promotion) involve the use of new concepts for promoting a firm’s goods and services. For example, the first use of a significantly different media or technique, such as product placement in movies or television programmes, or the use of celebrity endorsements, is a marketing innovation.

Other examples of marketing innovations are branding (significant changes), the introduction of a personalised information system, e.g. obtained from loyalty cards or other actions such as tailored presentations of products to the specific needs of individual customers.

Apparently, the Oslo Manual have adopted a wide vision considering some commercial or promotion practices as marketing innovation, let me give you an example and just take a look at this video and enjoy the dance marketing as a way of innovating. Do not tell me that there are not innovative ways to become an innovator:

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